About poke loa


Poke Loa is excited to introduce New Orleans and Louisiana to delicious and healthy Hawaiian cuisine that has been increasing in popularity throughout California. 

Poke, in Hawaiian, means “to chop”.  Poke is a salad based around chopped raw fish (think sushi in a bowl).  The dish originated with Hawaiian fisherman chopping up their fresh catch as a snack while fishing and seasoning it with salt and spices.

Over the past few years, Poke has become a craze in California because of its versatility, delicious taste and convenience. 

Poke Loa has a quick serve environment, where you walk down the aisle and build your bowl as you go.  Start with a base of white rice, brown rice or mixed greens.  Then choose your protein like salmon, tuna, yellow tail, spicy tuna or tofu.  You can then choose over twenty different items to include in your Poke salad including cucumbers, onions, edamame, seaweed salad, mango, avocado and macadamia nuts to name a few.  Next, you finish creating your bowl with one of our signature sauces made in house.

We have 3 beautiful locations in New Orleans, starting with our flagship location on Magazine St., our Old Metairie location, as well as our Downtown CBD location. 

Poke Loa was founded by a group of Louisiana girls (and one of their brothers) who met each other through their husbands and quickly became great friends while traveling together.  They always thought it would be fun to go into business as a group and would talk about ideas when they were traveling.  One of their little brothers was living in Southern California and called his sister, living in New Orleans, and told her she had to come visit him and check out the Poke food trend in California.   After visiting and poke restaurant hopping, they decided they had to open one in New Orleans.   Her brother would come back to help run it with all of his Poke knowledge and his sister knew her friends would be the perfect partners.  

The girls weekly text chain about next year’s vacation quickly turned into a Poke text chain.  We all made poke together one night and we were in love with it and wanted to make Poke every day.   That evening, we decided to bring Poke Loa to life and to New Orleans.

Poke Loa was founded and is owned by Joe Reiss, Emily Chandler, Katherine Elias, Kristi Ellender, Cecile Tanguis, Jeanne Higgins and Betsy Hildenbrand.

Come join us for the best Poke of your life!